Prosecutors to prepare subpoena for “lewd conduct to minors” for G-Dragon

BIGBANG G-Dragon will be summoned to the prosecutors in a criminal investigation for the violation of Youth Protection Act for the public performance that contains “lewd conduct to minors.”

The investigation is focusing on last year G-Dragon F.I.R.S.T Solo Concert “Shine a Light” which considered as exhibiting explicit performance, despite the fact that it is rated as strictly prohibited for the preteens under the age of 12.

The Eastern Seoul District Prosecutor official stated, “The investigation is in the progress of collecting, reviewing and summing up all information given based on the subjected matter,” then continued, “We will determine the specific timeframe when G-Dragon will be summoned to this investigation process shortly after this.”

G-Dragon held his concert last December with a performance of arousing sexual libido with a female dancer in “Breathe.”

The prosecutors are seeking for the reasons that given “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream” were banned by the same Act in November then why those two songs were deliberately added to the aforementioned show.

The two specific songs are prohibited for sale, rent, screening and/or distributing in any channels to the adolescences by this law.

Individual who is convicted of lewd conduct according to the Article 245 in the Youth Protection Act will face fine not exceeding ₩ 5,000,000 and one year imprisonment and the penalties for violation of the same Act are ₩ 20,000,000 fines and three year imprisonment.

YG Entertainment Representative gave a statement on the issue that, “YG will assist the investigators in this progress and will take care of it on behalf of the client (G-Dragon).” then added “we will hereby accept the decision and are responsible for the legal action taken according to the Act.”

God saves Kwon Leader. Keep your fingers crossed for him, VIPs.

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