Big Bang Fila Picture

Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA

This time i got Big Bang FILA photo. It really NICE. If i can go to Korea i will buy it. You can see on TOP red shoes. There's Big Bang Logo on that shoes!!! I Really like that shoes. I love Youngbae jacket and his bag.

Check out the picture bellow.....

Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA

Big Bang,FILA Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,TOP Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,G-Dragon

Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,Seungri Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,Daesung Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,Taeyang

Credit: 워아이GD@BBVIPZ

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