Fat lips, baby lips, slender lips and jailbait lips?

Mnet is back again with another one of their quirky polls, and this time it's about which star's lips do you want to steal the most?

Coming out on top is none other than everyone's favorite man-baby, Nickhun. Famous for having adorable charms of a baby encased in a big man's body, Nickhun proves that not only do ladies like them young, but they also like them big. That's two strikes for me.

Our boy se7en also made the list at number 9, but it's quite unfortunate that he did not get his lucky number 7. I personally would have put se7en higher up on the list just because that guy's lips probably have more fat in them than I do in both my man boobs. Fyi, I'm an A cup.

G-dragon grabbed the 11th spot with his slender fashionista lips, making every VIP fangirls wishing they were that "J" girl mentioned in his song "This Love".

2NE1's Multi-talented Magnificent Maknae Minji grabbed the 14th spot. Minji is only 15 years old, but she has already been sending oppas and unnies to jail since her first chest pop.

Same with your opinion????^^

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