Big Bang's Game Characters and

BIG BANG Sudden Attack

Big Bang members has transformed into game characters.
YG Entertainment announced that they had signed a contract to allow game ‘Sudden Attack’ to use the Big Bang members in their game content.

The idea was, “merged the idea of Korea’s best online game and best boyband”.

From ‘Sudden Attack’ marketing side, “Big Bang is used as the models to the game as they are representatives of music and fashion enjoyed by young gamers”
YG Entertainment, “It is exciting to be able to see the Big Bang members in the online games. After a few months of preparation, not only will gamers see Big Bang in the game as characters and also music. This will be the chance where the gaming industry and the music industry will come together for a project this large scale.”

YG also added, “This will be a win-win situation as the game will not only be released in Korea but also overseas.”

BIG BANG on Caricature

Big Bang are the new models for popular online video game Sudden Attack. They’re not the first k-celeb to be featured in a video game, the first being Rain whose character was met with surprising popularity. However, unlike the former, this collaboration is supposed to incorporate more than just their looks, but their music & style as well and could possibly be used for modeling future projects as well. Must say, the video game does make them look a lot tougher than say their comic strip.
In another virtualized version of themselves Big Bang’s online blog Bangs has been flooded with popularity. Their online comic featuring cartoon versions of themselves has hit over 800,000 views in 2 weeks. Keep this up and soon they can get away with virtual performances.
*PS : i want to play this game.... hahahahaha....

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