Behind FILA Photoshoot

FILA PhotoShoot

A new FILA photoshoot, this time it's on a yacht, don't let their summer clothes fool you, it is FREEZING in Korea at that time and add the wind to that... damn, our poor boys are freezing yet they still have to smile and look hot. For those who have been complaining about Bong's popcorn hair, now you can relax and know that it's only a one time thing, Bong's hair has been pretty mellow these days, I'm sure when he have his solo debut, he's really gonna give us something to talk about haha. The camera man sounds too excited kekek... he likes it.

LOL at the dorky Bong, as soon as the MC starts talking, he ran away from her kekeke the rest followed him but Dae who chose to go the other way got caught keke.

It was so cold and the wind wa so strong, everybody was shaking like crazy, Bong was being such a nice hyung, rubbing Dae's arm for him, awww... one of the kid can't take the cold so she started crying, Bong helped her get off the yacht, how adorable, Bong said he really like kids, awwww the camera told him,“But the kid was crying..?” and Bong said, “Ah, well, she didn’t cry because of me, she was cold….” and then he said, “Korean kids like me but I guess foreign kids don’t,..” (thanks Jet) hahah I really think the boys have an obsession with Smoothies King, I ALWAYS spot them with it, no matter where they are, not just one member but as a group, everywhere.

Babyt was acting out a scene to something... that laugh "ha ha ha ha ha" oh gad haha. They were doing a dance battle?? keke being such dorks, I like Baby and Bong the most :D... I'm bias. :P THey look so dead tire... poor boy, please let the boys rest, it seems like their American break is out of the question, they are too busy with their stuff to be taking a vacation. I knew it was too good to be true.

*They all Are very COOL and CUTE...
*especialy G DraGON!!! ^^

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