Se7en, SHINee, and BoA

LONG TIME NOT UPDATE! But, i'm still update. I'm just don't have a time to update. Since entered the science class, i got MANY TASK!

Back to TOPIC. After Lee Hyori and Rain comeback to Korean stage, now it's time for Se7en and BoA! Se7en have been 2 or maybe 3 years didn't do Promote Activity on Korea. Either BoA, she was hiatus for 5 years, since she goes to international promotion. Se7en and BoA, both of them have debut on U.S.A. and they got succeeded.

Here's the new MV of Se7en and BoA!

SHINee also comeback with their 2nd Album LUCIFER!

I really love the Choreography! who made it?
That's right, Rino Nakasone!
I love her~

If i ask you something, like, who will be get more attention between 3 K-Idol??
As we know all that BoA and Se7en are SHINee senior's on KPOP Music Industry, but with Lucifer they(SHINee) have win the K-chart for 3rd week. What do you think???

Credit: YouTube(YGent & SMent official Channel)

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