Taeyang Solo Album 'SOLAR'

Actually, maybe you all know already about Taeyang solo Album titled, SOLAR. He makes new concept for his album and song. We know that Taeyang always being in 'Sad Song', because he still searching for a girl. And it showed on Only look at me, Where u at, and Wedding Dress. Seems like he always be the Poor Boy. But, now on 'I need A girl' MV, we could say that he already got a girl, but he confused to choose. Who is the best girl. It's about my thoughts!

And I think i like Wedding dress more than I need a girl. haha :D
Download the song and full album on Jenpoo.com

The SOLAR album has been sold out only a few hour. Of course for the SOLAR Deluxe edition. It's a limited edition which include a T-shirt, a pin, and kind of thing about Taeyang album. I heard that they want YGent. to sell it more. OHMGD! If i could, i want it too~

But, there's something bad about Taeyang comeback. Some people think that, why all of Big Bang member go for solo? Did the miss their touch? Overall, i think it isn't the reason. Their going solo for show their own talent and ability. And maybe YG can't give that opportunity only for some members. It isn't fair. But, unfortunately 'I need a girl' didn't get much response than Wedding dress or Where u At. It's because 'I need a girl' isn't reach the first place yet on many kind of music charts site.

But, We have to support him more!!

wanna learn the dance...

Credit: ibigbang, YouTube

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